Brazil / Germany 2015, HD, color, 24min, TV documentary for the Bavarian TV Channel
Producer: Florian Pfeiffer, André Fernandes, Michael Kalb, DoP: Lion Bischof


Women play a substancial role in Brazil’s favelas, having to carry the consequences of everyday violence and patriarchal structures. Many of them are left as single mothers with the responsibility of raising the children on their own, keeping the family together and providing the income for the whole household. Amanda, aged 26, is one of these courageous and resourceful women, a mother of four children from different fathers. Having been left on her own after she had her first child at the age of 14, she tried everything to keep her children alive and create a safe and loving home for them. Her biggest wish is that they won’t have to go through what she experienced. This film portrays the dignity of a remarkable mother and allows us an insight into the complex situation of the favelas after the pacification.