Lovers of the Night

A fragile community of seven Cistercian Irish monks tries to keep their monastery going with a lot of heart and humour.


This films portrays the challenges and the dignity of a remarkable single mother raising her children in in one of Brazil’s biggest favelas.


By trying to help their children to a better future, two families from a Roma ghetto in Bulgaria face discrimination from the outside world and pressure from within their own community.

Endless Day *

This film is about an insomniac's inner journey through a sleepless night.

Into the Middle of Nowhere *

The documentary looks at the way children explore and perceive reality through their play and imagination in an outdoor nursery in the woods.

11 Degrees

This film portrays the resilience of a Scottish ski resort trying to survive despite climbing temperatures and a decreasing number of skiers.

* Poster Artwork by Robin Sachße