Lovers of the Night

Germany / Ireland 2017, HD, color, 57min, documentary
Producer: Áine Films, Editor: Hauke von Stietencron

A fragile community of seven older monks in a small Cistercian monastery in Ireland tries their best to keep their spiritual life and the monastery going. With shaky voices but deeply committed they meet seven times a day in church for their prayers.

As a passionate rugby fan and with a great devotional heart, the 88 year old Alberic who is slowly losing his eyesight, tries to decipher texts from the Christian mystics and the rugby news in the papers, while Brother Francis trains on an old treadmill and Father Ambrose tries to catch a runaway calf.

With moving honesty and humour the monks share significant experiences and often surprising insights into their life journeys.

An attempt to capture the heart of a very unique place before it vanishes and portray the yearning of the human spirit for the infinite in a finite world.


With great care, humanity and attention to the unspoken, Lovers of the Night is a documentary that is both lighthearted and emotionally stimulating. Ewert shows us the connection she has to the resident monks by showing them directly. They are funny, religious, honest and emotional, and that is what makes this documentary the masterpiece that it is. - MOVE Magazine

Lovers of the Night is both supremely confident and achingly compassionate filmmaking, as Ewert deftly plays the roles of director, cinematographer, and audience herself. “ - Cinema Faith

Anna Frances Ewert’s Lovers of the Night is a beautiful, generally light-hearted film that is surprisingly not centered on religion so much as the monks who practice it. They are happy — genuinely happy — and their humor and optimistic spirits make this film an absolute pleasure to watch. - VOX Magazine

Lovers of the Night is an absolutely beautiful tribute to these men through sharing their stories, and a successful attempt of impressing upon the audience to do good - or at least try. - Bearingnews


True/False Film Fest 2018
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2018
DOXA Documentary Film Festival Vancouver 2018