11 Degrees

Scotland 2009, DVCam, 8min, documentary
DoP: Julian Krubasik, Editor: Kate Campbell

The documentary tells the story of a struggling resort and the local people’s passion and enthusiasm to keep skiing alive no matter how difficult the conditions are. Starting at the height of the winter season, the film depicts an idyllic scenery which suddenly takes a shift when the temperature rises to 11 Degrees over night. Embedded in the transition of the scenery, it slowly reveals the challenges and economical problems the communities are facing.

Best of Fest Award - Fernie Mountain Film Festival 2011
Winter sport Film Award - BCN Sports Film Festival Barcelona 2011


Mountainfest Telluride 2010
Awareness Film Festival 2010
Planet in Focus Environmental Film & Video Festival 2010
Docutah, Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival 2010
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2011
Era New Horizon Film Festival 2011
San Francisco Green Film Festival 2011
Frozen River Film Festival 2011
Mountain Film Festival 2011
Ecozine Zaragoza 2010
Environmental Film Festival of Accra 2010
Edindocs Edinburgh 2010
Eco Focus Film Festival 2010
Ekotopfilm Bratislava 2010
Eco Film Fest 2010
WT Os International Film Festival 2010
22nd International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival Graz 2010
Wildlife Vaasa Film Festival 2010
Dundee Mountain Film Festival 2010
Festival International du Film de Montagne 2010
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2010
Fernie Mountain Film Festival 2011
Environmental Film Festival of Yale 2011
BCN Sports Film Festival Barcelona 2011
Cineambiente Environmental Film Festival Torino 2011